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Steps to follow

  • 1. Download & fill out both documents

    The sample for genetic testing must be sent together with a correctly filled request form (including clinical data and statement on the existence of informed consent).

  • 2. Sample collection

    We can process 3 different sample types:

    Peripheral blood

    (3 to 5 ml in EDTA tubes)
    Genomic DNA

    NGS > 5-10µg | SANGER > 1µg.
    (A260/280 = 1.8-1.9)

    (Order our kit)
  • 3. Sample packaging

    The sample collection tube must be placed inside a secondary package of the appropriate size for the number of samples shipped. Sufficient absorbent material should be included to absorb all the contents of the primary recipient in case of leakage.

    Both containers will preferably be placed inside a rigid box for blood and tissue samples.

  • 4. Send the sample & the request

    Edificio O Fortín, As Xubias s/n. 15006
    A Coruña, Spain

    Schedule your shipment so that sample reception takes place Monday to Thursday between 8:00 and 17:00.

  • 5. Result: the report

    We will deliver our report through the Health in Code Client Site or Certified email.