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We are a multidisciplinary team counting more than 70 employees.

Clinicians, geneticists, and molecular biologists biologists who work daily with software and bioinformatics engineers. Professionals in a variety of disciplines who work together to be leaders in genetic diagnosis and counselling of patients with oncological diseases.

Clinical & Molecular biology department

Lorenzo Monserrat, MD – PhD
PhD, MSc, BSc European Doctorate in Medicine


Juan Pablo Trujillo Quintero, MD – PhD
Clinical director of the department of oncology
PhD in Clinical Genetics. MSc in Oncology. MSc, BSc Medical Degree

Martín Ortiz, MD
MSc, BSc Medical Degree


Arsonval Lamounier Jr., MD
MSc Public Health, Medical geneticist, BSc Medical Degree

Joel Salazar-Mendiguchía, MD 
MSc in Advanced Genetics. MSc, BSc Medical Degree


Marta Córdoba, MD
MSc in Biomedical Sciences, BSc in Genetics, BSc Medical Degree

Christian Ganoza Gallardo, MD
MSc, BSc Medical Degree


Diego Alonso García, MD
MSc, BSc Medical Degree


German Fernandez Ferro, MD
MSc, BSc Medical Degree

Ivonne Johana Cardenas Reyes, MD
MSc, BSc Medical Degree

Juan Pablo Ochoa, MD
BSc, MSc Medical Degree


Lara Fontán García-Boente, MD
MSc in Management of Clinical Units. MSc, BSc Medical Degree

Marcos Nicolás Cicerchia, MD
MSc, BSc Medical Degree

Mariano Bergamino, MD
MSc, BSc Medical Degree. Internal Medicine Specialist

María Nöel Brögger, MD
MSc, BSc Medical Degree

Miguel Ángel Fernández García, MD
MSc, BSc Medical Degree

Soledad Garcia Hernandez, MD
MSc, BSc Medical Degree

Xusto Fernández, MD
MSc, BSc Medical Degree. Inherited cardiovascular diseases’ databases specialist


J. Luis Santomé Collazo
Laboratory Director
MSc, BSc Biology. Clinical Biochemistry specialist

Andrés Caballero Gª de Oteyza, PhD
Doc. of Sciences (PhD) in Neuroscience. BSc in Biology, Cellular & Molecular Biology

Emilia Maneiro Pampín, PhD
PhD in Biological science. MSc, BSc Fundamental Biology


Javier Simón Sánchez, PhD
PhD in Basic and Applied Neurosciences. Neurogenetics specialist

Marlene Pérez Barbeito, PhD
PhD in Biology. BSc Biology

Patricia Blanco Arias, PhD
PhD (Human Molecular Genetics, University of Cambridge). BSc Fundamental Biology


Paula Veléz Viéitez, PhD
PhD in Molecular Medicine. MSc in Biomedical Research. BSc Biology


Elena Sánchez Mira
MSc in Monitoring of Clinical Trials. BSc Pharmacy

Iria Gómez Díaz
MSc Advanced Biotechnology. BSc Biology


Maite García Ramos
MSc in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Genetics. BSc Pharmacy

Paula Rebolo Bardanca
MSc Healthcare Biotechnology, BSc Biology


Rosalía Peteiro Debén
MSc Pharmacology. Medical Geneticist Postgraduate. BSc Biotechnology

Sara Santana Martínez
Pharmacist specialized in hospital pharmacy. MSc in Pharmaceutical Care. MSc in Clinical Trials

Elena Veira
BSc Nursing. Specialist in familial studies

Jose Mª García-Aznar Navajas
MSc, BSc Biology. Medical Genetics Postgraduate Diploma

Laura Cazón Varela
MSc Genetics, Biochemistry & Biotechnology. BSc Biology


Luis Ramudo Cela *
Statistics for Health Sciences Postgraduate Diploma. BSc Pharmacy. Hospital pharmacy specialist


Elisa Santiago Beloso
Associate degree, Laboratory Technician Specialist

Inés Alvariño Hermida
Laboratory Technician Specialist – Healthcare Services

Isaac Rosa Benito
Scientific laboratory technician


Mª del Pilar González Piñeiro
Laboratory Technician Specialist – Healthcare Services

Marta Mª Neira Platas
Laboratory Technician Specialist

Raquel Calvo Bermudez
Laboratory Technician Specialist – Healthcare Services

(*) Persoal cofinanciado pola Xunta de Galicia ao abeiro da Resolución da Axencia Galega de Innovación do 2 de xuño de 2016 (Programa Principia)

Bioinformatics department

Pablo Iglesias Veiga
MSc in Telematic Engineering. PGcert in IT Management. MSc, BSc in Computer Science.

Alberto Rey López, PhD
PhD, MSc, BSc in Computer Science

Alejandro Fernández García
MSc, BSc in Computer Science

Alfonso Pérez Peña
MSc, BSc in Computer Science

Andrea Graña
BSc in Computer Science

David de Uña Iglesias
MSc in Computer Science. MSc, BSc in Advanced Biotechnology


Elías Grande Cásedas
MSc, BSc in Computer Science

Eloy Sobrido Santamaría
MSc, BSc in Computer Science

Ignacio Vizoso Fernández
Associate degree in Computer Science. VCP-DCV, MCPS 2.0 and ITIL certified professional

Javier Estévez Valiñas
MSc in Open Source Software. BSc in Computer Science

Javier Val Lista
BSc, MSc in Computer Science

Jorge Rodríguez Rodríguez
MSc, BSc in Computer Science. Diploma of Advanced Studies in Computer Science & AI

Laura Pérez Rodil
MSc, BSc in Computer Science

Luis de la Higuera, PhD
PhD in Applied Mathematics, BSc in Mathematics

Pablo Cabaleiro Cerviño
MSc in Bioinformatics. BSc in Computer Science

Pablo García Vila
MSc in Bioinformatics. BSc in Computer Science

Paloma Piot Pérez-Abadín
BSc in Computer Science

Roberto Noya Estévez
MSc in Bioinformatics. BSc in Computer Science

Quality Assurance department

Mª Dolores Salvado Duro, PhD
Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs Director
PhD European Doctorate in Molecular Biology. MSc Organic Chemistry, BSc Chemistry


Javier Díaz Álvarez
MSc Advanced Biotechnology & Molecular Medicine, BSc Biology.

Maria Couce Rosado
MSc in Quality and Environment. BSc Biology

Sales department

Casto David García Lora
Key account manager

Dámaso Mazuelos Bellido
Key account manager

Eduwin Alexis Ramírez Cabezas
LATAM business Development

Francisco Mosquera
Key account manager

Marc del Pino
Key account manager

María Isabel Cabrera Rodríguez
Key account manager

Montserrat Vila Rovira
Key account manager Germany

Natalia Paterson, MD
Business development Russia & Italy

Administration department

Ángeles Gestal
BSc in Business Administration and Management

Antonio Sobrino
Head of administration

Daniel López Yebra
Head of accounting

Francisco J. Porral Gómez
Customer Care

María José Cabrera Rodríguez
Customer Care

Silvia Borrazas Otero
Customer Care

Alicia Pallas Lozano

Radek Sucháč

María Sobrido

Sylvia Kinney Ferreira
Business Development

Arantxa Ponte Lens
Marketing department

Laura Cortiñas Souto
Marketing department

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